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Early childhood trauma includes sexual and/or physical abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Some of the mental illnesses that often accompany addiction are learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, depression and a multitude of others. Addictions are often developed through an attempt to alleviate the symptoms of these illnesses. Genetics is also influenced by the physical environment surrounding the individual.

At our drug rehab treatment center, we accurately diagnose "causes" and treat conditions that would be beyond the scope and capabilities of most other patient, drug rehab or alcohol rehab programs; Dr. Amen, Dr. Phil, Opra UCLA, John Hopkins, Harvard Medical, AMA stated, "without proper diagnosis, treatments, most addictions and psyc-addiction disorders painfully continue to control your life". You certainly do not want to go on until you have a legal issue, memory loss, emotional melt downs, suicide ideations, kidney or liver failure.

Because no two people are alike, through tests and assessments, we can match treatments to the problem. Our drug rehab enter provides you with accurate diagnosis and specific treatments with integrated therapies for your adjustments and healing. We treat Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Pysc-addictions with extensive extended-care and follow through. 

"So many treatment centers claim to work with “dual diagnosis”, but often, their programs lack adequate tests and actually do little to address their client’s issues or their clinicians are not trained in specific therapeutic modalities that are required for complex clients with underlying psychological issues. If rehabs claim to treat dual diagnosis, the NIDA suggests their programs reflect a high level of clinical sophistication".  JP, MD

At the Advanced Drug Rehab Center, you have a choice of treatment programs and drug rehab, alcohol treatment several integrated addiction programs and personal individualized psychological programs. Our Doctors, Therapists and Specialists through corroborated tests and assessments, compassionately "meet you where you are at", physically, mentally and emotionally. Our patient's successful outcomes, speaks for our ever growing referral base and reputation.

Statistics show that to try and drug rehab or alcohol rehab with medications and self-help is merely trying to live with the problem, and usually result in chronic relapses. Detox can provide some relief, but unless causes are diagnosed and properly treated, the problem reappears. 

Medications are primarily prescribed to help regulate emotions, reactions and some relief  While not being able to measure the full impacts of the medication effects, all too often medication side-effects create a chemical imbalance changing the brain, setting up an addiction, while altering sensory perceptions and compromising one's ability to logically manage feelings, emotional-regulation, fears guilt or shame to a point of thoughts of suicide.

Self medicating, prescriptions, i.e. drugs, alcohol can mask a pain, or quiet an agitating amygdala, resulting in emotional psychological issues like bipolar, ADD, OCD, insomnia, however in time {studies show us} it becomes a dependency or personality disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, often lead to a substance abuse behavioral problem.

 At the Advanced Drug Rehab Center, our scans, neuro and biofeedback treatments can identify issues and measure change. Drug or alcohol dependency changes the brain chemistry (serotonin and dopamine) setting up cravings, Addictions-, conditions where the brain structure is normal but the functioning becomes abnormal.  Left untreated, the continued detox and relapses have debilitating affects both mentally and physically, notwithstanding a difficult family life.



*A brain malfunction as a result of an injury, drugs or alcohol
*An emotional situation PTSD-trauma of the past
*Current conditions you can not cope with, triggers
*A brain chemical imbalance (serotonin-dopamine) sets-up cravings 
*Sleep disorders                 


At the Advanced Drug Rehab Center, we find that very often,  the psychological issue occurs first. This can lead people to self medicate with alcohol or drugs  for relief, setting up a chemical imbalance in the brain, resulting in dependency. Occasionally, the substance abuse evolves into dependency as a result of a brain chemical change, you will experience cravings, impulsivity and often behavioral problems.

AMA research studies show us, unlike a common cold or cigarette nicotine cure, ...a level-2 addiction with drugs, alcohol, or combined co-occurring psychological issues is more like a cancer.  It first becomes controlling-mentally, evokes aberrant behavior, often DUI(s) and then becomes physically debilitating. It seldom goes away without proper treatment.  click- Legal Issues,

 In drug rehab, Individuals can learn to live with an addiction or trauma or a brain injury, but the struggles, side-effects mentally and physically usually consumes your life and the life of your family.


As you can see, there are effective treatments and procedures


      *ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, PTSD Disorders, Aspergers, Autism? Holistically             
treated, minimizing medications integrated therapies with     
Neuro-Biofeedback procedures.


Families become united~Patient's regain their life
Our drug rehab center's programs can change your life  

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Why do most addicts relapse?  No two people are alike. NIDA studies show us that without proper treatment, addictions repeat and emotions will continue to control your life.

Most drug rehab or alcohol rehab addiction problems  are set up by self-medicating unresolved psychological issues that have become impulsive triggers. Substance abuse can cause a brain chemical imbalance, cravings.  A drug rehab detox is not a solution.  When someone says "guarantee or cure" in health, addictions, consult your doctor.  

Dr. Shafer; "It takes a TMT (highly skilled team) to work with these issues as a whole and not place clients in “tracks”. I have seen the “non track” approach work very well at this facility due to the fact a TMT develop individualized treatments integrated with advanced neuro and biofeedback treatments based on tests and it is effective.".

                Your brain controls

The Advanced Drug Rehab Center offers medical monitored detox and both alcohol treatment and drug rehab programs.  We specializes in individualized dual diagnose therapeutic treatments with integrated technical procedures, a truly holistic "fix-it" approach lasting recovery.

      Focus Programs And Special
     Individualized Treatments

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At the Center our advanced technology and effective treatments have given patient's their best opportunity to reclaim their lives and achieve sustained recovery.

As a professional, if you have referred your patient to the Center for intensive treatments, we encourage your input and engage your assistance with appropriate discharge planning.



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At the Advanced Drug Rehab Center, we can accurately diagnose and treat conditions that would be beyond the capabilities of most other treatment facilities, centers or rehabs  

*[In simplification} -, ...research, case studies and experience shows us that with new technology brain scans-photos, neuro-psychological tests and thorough physicals exams, we can identify basal ganglia conditions associated with anxiety, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and anterior cingulated problems. 

These conditions often lead to OCD, and feeling emotionally "stuck", inflexible (anterior cingulated) associated with the amygdala 'fight-flight' reactions [emotional impulsivity} and compulsive addictions; associated with intense emotions, aggression, and sensitivity to pain, i.e. resulting in intense anxiety, and self medicating  with drugs or alcohol. Some end up doctor shopping for opiates.

Low and High beta ( bio-lateral frontal) suggests a cause for difficulty with decision making, learning ability, filtering stimuli, emotion regulation and memory. The percentage of high beta in the occipital sites also suggests STRESS, sleep difficulties and multiple disorders. Panic attacks, acute anxiety, ...i.e. disorders driving your self-medicating.

.Results: At the Center, the ultimate process in reshaping the brain processing is remedial cognitive therapy; reframing faulty thoughts, assumptions ("cognitions") and problematic behaviors with the aid of technical Neuro and Biofeedback procedures, integrated dialectical therapies and brain exercises. Neuro processing, brain neurotransmitter-flow with the aid of DBT, EMDR treatments and other individualized procedures can result in a renewed life.  

At the renowned Dr. Amen SPECT-clinic, brain imaging research has shown that many chemicals are toxic to brain function. Alcohol, opiates, nicotine, caffeine, and many prescription-medications decrease blood and neurotransmitter flow in the brain. When neurotransmitter and blood flow is decreased, the brain cannot work efficiently. In a similar way, sleep deprivation also decreases brain activity and limits access to learning, memory, setting up fatigue, moods and anxiety.

How the Body Responds to Alcohol

Alcohol acts primarily on the nerve cells within the brain. Alcohol interferes with communication between nerve cells and all other cells, suppressing the activities of excitatory nerve pathways and increasing the activities of inhibitory nerve pathways.

For example, University of Chicago Medical Center: Alcohol and Anesthetic Actions talks about the ability of alcohol (and inhaled anesthetics) to enhance the effects of the neurotransmitter GABA, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Enhancing an inhibitor would have the effect of making things sluggish, which matches the behavior you see in a drunk person. Glutamine is an excitatory neurotransmitter that alcohol weakens.  Alcohol does this by interacting with the receptors on the receiving cells in these pathways.

Although dopamine is a key glutamate, it also plays an important role in a return to the substance of abuse. Brain chemical alterations to the glutamate signaling system lead to compulsive drug use and ultimately a dependency with then effects your vital organs. A brain chemical imbalance could be your problem?

 At the Center, our integrated treatments can stimulate and assist the brain to adjust, rejuvenate (RE-WIRE) and self-regulate {healing} allowing you to regain control of your life. We can also treat Aspergers, Autism and other neurological conditions. The Center has made its reputation for holistic treatments, without the risks common in most facilities 

The successful outcomes and personalized care sets us apart from all others.
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    EXTENDED-CARE, (stabilization, life-skills \ career planning) Behavioral Health:

We offer intensive treatment for adjustments and stabilization.  Extended-care when stabilization is needed to establish new Life Skills, a work-social-play balance. A career life-style planning program is available for young adults, a life-coach with accountability, centered around tests identifying their interests and abilities, setting up a positive focus and purpose in life, while healing and recovering. Call for more details. 
Our Extended-care OP programs can be residential with life-adjustment support for the all important stabilization period.  All programs are flexible and we try to meet your needs and affordability.

"We have been through 8 rehabs and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the Center saved our son's life, and helped him develop a career" -Mike B.


Accurate Diagnosis, Specific Individualized Treatments And Procedures For Recovery

                               WHEN  WILLPOWER’S  NOT  ENOUGH            
Call the Advanced Drug Rehab Center today, we can help-

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The above Companies do not provide medical advice and this web site is for informational purposes only. Please see our Medical Disclaimer and always consult with your psychiatrist or physician. "Fix-it" means to adjust and stabilize for relief and healing. Treatments subject to TMT, availability and seasonal considerations. Detox is not included in STD treatment programs, i.e. is
offered In a Monitored Specific Clinic. 

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