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We can see the facts, where and why you have pain, emotional feelings or an addiction 


Substance abuse has reached epic proportions over the past decade. We have learned that our brain controls everything we feel and do. Today with new technology, we can identify and adjust memory issues and the feelings that stimulate behavior. Advanced science has studied and determined how your brain controls your feelings, beliefs, addictions and behaviors. Today we can literally see and adjust what is causing your problem.  

A substance abuse, compulsive addiction or emotional problems are usually a  brain functional issue, driven by old or new thoughts and fears.  With our technology we can see where and determine why you have your problem.

The issue(s) often set-up various brain neurological responses resulting in cortical or brain abnormal processing i.e. bipolar, ADHD, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, panic attacks, eating disorders, gambling, compulsive sex disorders, substance abuse that lead to self-medicating, behaviors and acute addictions.

Traditional medically managed mental health care units, rehabs and clinics often do not provide the expertise or depth of care that addiction treatment routinely includes.  They do not do justice to a basic addiction model of treatment.  Inexperienced clinicians often keep patients with multiple disorders even though their facility cannot address the full range, rather than refer them to a style of facility that provides holistic care with the appropriate technology and integrated therapy for effective results. It is a shame".  SH, MD

The NeuroScience team provide real photos and live scan functioning for doctors at the ADR Center who utilize advanced accurate diagnosis and integrated procedures for effective treatments. What ever the cause {of an addiction, psychological condition or behavior}, the brain is central {feelings-perceptions behaviors} and the neurological system is driven by psychological emotions which in turn directs everything we feel and do.

                 THE TOTAL PERSON, HOLISTICALLY                                 Neurological Psychological Physiological

Neuro-brain photo imagining ...shows us the problem areas

Psychology tests ...tells us the emotional

Neuro-QEEG bio monitoring showing thought movement ...shows  us the kind of integrated therapies to use for effective
EMOTIONAL REGULATION adjustments and stabilization

INCIDENT: In many cases, when the Amygdale becomes over active as a result of an early incident {fear-injury} setting up a hyper vigilance, i.e., anxiety, panic attacks, mood disorders evolve. The individual often starts self-medicating for relief. 

The drug and alcohol self-medicating in turn sets-up brain chemical imbalances (serotonin-dopamine) and the cravings, i.e., controlling your drug or alcohol abuse and then a dependency.

TREATMENT: Gentle persistence, and technical procedures with integrated therapy can aid in bring out the trauma, moving the thought to the PF-cortex where logic and reasoning will apply and normalize, calming the amygdala's over activity from fear.

RESULT: Minimizing the defensiveness (fight-flight) reactive behavior, anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. Stability reduces the anxiety, impulsivity and addictive cravings. Healing and recovery begins. Appropriate Integrated therapy with Neuro and Biofeedback procedures have proven to be a very effective process for relief and healing.

The dilemma for professional counselors and health care providers in trying to help most patients, is making an accurate diagnosis.

Is it brain conditions, abnormal functioning, a chemical imbalance or genetically predisposed?

The parts of the brain

It is not about the drugs, the alcohol, the emotional anxiety, or an eating disorder,  it's about what is causing the brain to direct this abnormal behavior.


Alcoholic neuropathy is a condition involving decreased nerve function due to the damage caused by habitual alcohol abuse. The damage may affect the autonomic nerves (those that regulate internal body functions) and the nerves that control movement, continent and sensation.

You have to know what and where the problem is ...before it can be fixed.

With our technology, we can literally look into the brain and see the conditions, brain functioning ...and identify abnormalities, what is controlling your emotions and addiction.  


                      Neuroscience Meets Recovery

                    Scans And Imagery Show The Reality

Red indicates current density within each frequency band.

Today we know that PTSD, bipolar disorders and alcohol can result in shrinkage of the pre-frontal cortex,diminishing executive functions, memory and cause early-dementia.

Our procedures are unquestionably NEW AGE and comprehensive in the psychological, drug treatment and drug rehab field today.

Open the doors to your life today!  If you are serious about finding the end to your struggles, call the Advanced Drug Rehab Center.  We can help you and your family.  Ask for programs, details and availability

 Scans And Imagery Take-Out The Guess Work
 The Result Is Effective Treatments

High resoloution brain imaging

                                                                                   Your brain controls                                        .                                        


Brain activity charts







Our Doctors and technology
Make the difference

We have the capacity to examine brain {conditions ~ functions} abnormalities, PTSD, Bipolar disorder-etc., conditions where the structure is normal but the functioning is abnormal.

The brain has plasticity to be adjusted, stabilized and stimulated for growth and recovery.

Often these conditions are diagnosed in a clinic, based on symptoms and characteristics for insurance purposes and unfortunately seriously mis-diagnosed.

           Test and scans provide a reality for diagnosis

      Drug/Alcohol abuse can destroy your brain, we can help you regain it

Before and after brain scans, Methamphetemine   Before and after brain scans, Bipolar Disorder

  With accurate diagnosis and effective treatments, you can recover!

           What Can Drugs Do To Your Brain ?    (Click)

You do not have to hit your head to have a brain injury, such as having a whiplash accident.

The impact of head trauma is often overlooked in psychiatry. Even minor head injuries to vulnerable parts of the brain can cause problems for years to come. After a significant brain injury there is a high incidence of depression, substance abuse, marital conflict, school underachievement, job related and legal problems.

SPECT-scans and Neuro-scans are the best tools in evaluating functional deficits from brain trauma that are often not seen by other studies, leading to more understanding and effective treatments for our patients.

Medicating often has lead to a chemical adjustment in the brain resulting in a craving and a lifestyle of compulsive use and intense abnormal addictive behavior. The change and in time becomes damaging to the organs and the more obvious physical showings, hair, skin, teeth and then brain executive functions. Some recovery is usually possible with professional treatments and a follow through program.  

Abuse of prescription and illegal drugs occurs at all social and economic levels of society. It affects people in all walks of life and with all levels of education. Excessive alcohol and many drugs lower the functions of the prefrontal cortex, and causes problems with judgment and impulse control.  Much like cancer, drug and alcohol abuse becomes debilitating and if not treated effectively, continues to diminish your mental capacity, damages and deteriorates primary organs your body functions and significantly shortens the your life span. 

"Many clients really need individualized treatment in order to address all of those issues that are impacting them. How often does one go to residential treatment for only one major issue! As a clinician, all of my clients who have entered inpatient treatment have done so for the need to address underlying causes,  more than just one disorder or addiction". Dr. SM

Nuerons   At the Advanced Drug Rehab Center, we can accurately diagnose and treat conditions that would be beyond the capabilities of most other facilities, centers or rehabs; effective solutions-results, without loading you with medications and the common risks in most facilities   

          Your first step should be detox, accurate diagnosis, treatment and then consider sober-living or rehab if necessary. 

SUBOXONEŽ (buprenorphine/naloxone) is indicated for the Detox Treatment of opioid dependence.  This detoxification process should only be administered by a trained and licensed doctor.  Please do not try this on the street. Detoxification is a medically monitored process and can be both comfortable and effective when manage properly.

The Advanced Drug Rehab Center, finding the causes, effective treatments and results, one patient at a time.

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          The Advanced Drug Rehab Center does not provide medical advice and this web site is for informational purposes only. Please see our Medical Disclaimer and always consult with your psychiatrist or physician. *Scientific American Mind "The Sleeping Brian"