If your behavior {adolescents-adults} has put you in jeopardy with the Law,
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The mental component of criminal liability requires cognitive awareness. Could the accused have brain malfunctioning as a result of an injury, accident, emotional disorder or prescriptions?

Often behavioral {multiple DUI's, Aggressive Behavior, Abuse} are the result of a psychological disorders; brain injury,  PTSD, trauma etc-.

  High resoloution brain imaging                                                      Through SPECT~QEEG brain scans and psychological testing we can to show whether the individual has emotional or psychological disorders controlling the behavior.

In most cases, the individual is sentenced to probation and treatment.



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                                                              CHOICES:                                                         Probation,  IOP Classes,  Residential Treatment ....opposed to incarceration.

Our forensic doctors testimony often sets up the possibilities of  negotiations in the Judicial process.

 Almost invariably individuals are ordered to treatment opposed to incarceration.


        ATTORNEY: We currently serve as a Court Liaison Option, Federal and in most States working closely with. .                                   Attorneys, Judges and Probation. We can be your best advocate.

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DUIs, Aberrant Behavior, Criminal Intent

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With Alternative Sentencing Programs we can help to encourage through forensic testimony and photo-scans and educate all sides of the court system regarding the value of sending people into clinical treatment for adjustments instead of jail.

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