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Advanced Drug Rehab

Welcome to The Advanced Drug Rehab Center

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Drug Rehab, Detox, Alcohol, Addictions And Eating Disorders Comprehensive Dual Diagnosis Programs

The Advanced Drug Rehab Center is an AMA preferred facility for integrated dual diagnosis programs, drug rehab and multiple extended-care options, offering flexible programs and known as one of the most comprehensive drug treatment, psyc-addiction and alcohol rehab clinical centers in the nation. This is not a social "track" drug rehab disciplinary program. 

We know it's not easy to come into drug rehab treatment, but we offer you the best in individualized care, integrating technology, substance abuse programs, and a multitude of therapies in an extraordinary facility for your special needs and your personal comfort.  We can help you regain your life, like we have for so many others.

As a result of addiction, prescription dependency, eating disorder, mental conditions and alcohol drug abuse, marriages and families are being devastated, children are being endangered, both directly and indirectly.

A number of factors contribute to drug rehab for alcohol abuse and addictive behaviors such as early childhood trauma, mental disorders, family history, environments and bio-chemical deficiencies.  Addictions / dependency are typically a result of emotional causes.

Some individuals self medicate emotional issues for relief in a similar manner with alcohol and illicit drugs causing a brain chemical imbalance, emotional instability, an addiction, or drug dependency. When a psychological issue, a neurological disorder, eating disorder or addiction is not effectively treated, the risks and relapses continue to govern a family's life, your life for the rest of your life, although often families hope and are expecting recovery to take place in a detox center, or alcohol drug rehab. 

Our drug rehab center offers a medial detox, assessments, evaluations and ultimate care in unmatched facilities, accurate diagnosis and advanced integrated treatments. You see NOT A Doctor for access, but you benefit with access to a team of doctors, therapists and specialists for specific individualized treatments. Not a hospital or dorm, our AAE Retreat-estates are secluded and extraordinary. 

Are You Trapped With An Addiction, Medications or Psychological Issues?  Have you experienced black-outs, trauma, an eating disorder, substance abuse, sexual abuse, insomnia, prescriptions don't work, mis-diagnosed ADD, Bipolar, acute addiction behaviors, a medical detox and continued relapses? These events usually require medical detox, clinical diagnosis and integrated treatments, more than a drug rehab dual diagnosis program can honestly offer you. What is right for you?

Because no two people are alike, a feature benefit at our Drug Rehab Center is all programs begin with an intake physical, a clinical neurological 19-functional Brain-scan in addition to various psychological tests and evaluations plus a psychiatric exam, including pharmacological and DSM-assessments. Follow evaluations and assessments, programs are then individually focused on your needs and objectives 

Individually we look at the whole person, {Mind-Body-Spirit}, physically, mentally and emotionally. If you want to get well, our process can help you find the root of the problem and effectively treat it, {anxiety, eating disorder, substance abuse}, without guessing! Always be careful about non-medical cures and guarantees. Our comprehensive process is one of the most through, effective and a primary reason many individuals are referred here from major detox centers and hospitals

Drug addict Recovered "Now I`m free from the eating disorder, emotional stress and happy to come back to my previous self. I can laugh again"  -MK

World class doctors for drug addictions

At the Advanced Drug Rehab Center, in addition to medical detox, we can identify and diagnose conditions where the brain structure is normal, but functioning as "a result of psychological issues or injury". Unlike most drug rehabs or social self-help programs, our latest technology, wold-class doctors and specialists work with you to understand why induviduals become impulsive, and why it has led them to the use of prescriptions, alcohol or other self-medicating drugs: A brain chemical imbalance occurs, setting up the cravings, addictions and impulsivity.

When there is reduced activity in the pre-frontal cortex or an over-active amygdala "clinically called salience", often the result is impulsive behaviors and self medicating
 with alcohol, drugs and inappropriate behaviors. 


Reading a SPECT scan, drug addictions

One major difference practiced at our drug rehab center, is that we utilize NEW AGE advanced neuro technology to identify causes, and adjust and stabilize impulsivity. We can stimulate cortical neurons and your brain processing capacity.

Dr. Amen's SPECT-scans, the NSI QEEG-scans, psyc-tests show the facts. In acute programs, our team of Specialists and Doctors effectively integrate chemical dependency and multiple (cognitive, EMDR, DBT dialectical therapy) treatments in conjunction with both neuro and biofeedback treatments for measurable change. 

Are you in a difficult place with your life?  Do you need stabilization, treatment or transitional help to prevent relapse? Each individual is assessed and we can match treatment to the problem. (see Contact Page)

       Programs are comprehensive, personal and effective.  We can help you medically detox comfortably, identify and help fix your problem!

 The successful outcomes ...and personalized care sets us apart from all others

"So many times treatment centers still tailor their programs to what is covered by insurance, instead of addressing the needs of the induvidual. Advanced Drug Rehab is different.". MS, MD

Follow up support, alcohol rehab, sober-living, drug rehab, AA \ GA \ NA, and a year of *tune-ups at no additional cost.


Drug Rehabs in California


Detox, Accurate Diagnosis And Specific Treatments For Recovery


                               24 HOURS       1. 858. 775 . 9993

  We provide solutions for drug alcohol and psychological conditions.
With insurance it can cost you little or nothing.

IClick here to learn more.

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Recovering Drug addict "Thank you so much for all your love, help & guidance! As I reflect on the time during the intervention, I realize the important of your professional presence! So thank you again."-MB  

Our secluded Retreats provide an extraordinary environment for transitional rehab holistic healing.

Drug rehab in a tropical poolside setting






A Tropical Paradise

Safe and comfortable, our Retreats feature acres of tropical gardens, trails, individual organic diets, fitness trainers, yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, pilates, massages, beach walks, golf, horses, Llamas and more- to help stimulate your recovery process. 

Yoga classes
 "A little heaven on earth"  SM- patient/nurse

Four star accomidations            ; 

The Benefits. Like many others who came to our drug rehab center, we help you find and fix the problem, revitalize a new sense of appreciation for life and self control. Why suffer or put all you care about at risk?  You can be happy again.

            Call For You and For Your Family

               "Ask About Insurance And Financing"

       Residential, Clinical, Extended-care, Sober-living

                         Multiple Affordable Programs

        Call Now   1 . 858. 775 . 9993

Combining proper nutrition, exercise, brain training techniques with integrated dialectical and cognitive therapies, eliminating drug/alcohol abuse, binging or purging behaviors, often without medications.

We Are Here For You 24 Hrs Daily

       Ask about the Impaired Professionals Evaluation and Assessment Program, confidentially.

Drug Rehab success story "It was a Godsend that I discovered your program just this past Friday night (lucky 13)" -MB

"When willpower is not enough, call the Advanced Drug Rehab Center, we can help!

Home | Facilities | Programs / Treatments | NSI, The Neuroscience Institute | Individualized Outpatient Programs | Contact Us / Details

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