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Welcome to The Advanced Drug Rehab Center

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        From the time of your arrival - you are cared for!


We are dedicated to putting you at ease and making sure that you feel comfortable, confident and safe. The Advanced Drug Rehab estates offer the most confidentiality possible, allowing each guest to feel secure and emotionally relaxed.  The Advanced Drug Rehab estates are naturally therapeutic settings, gated, safe and secluded with herbal gardens, cabanas, gazebos located on a mountain top with extraordinary panoramic views, surrounding orchards that includes the harmonizing benefits of the Southern California coastline.

The Advanced Drug Rehab Center has been designed especially to promote holistic healing and includes organic diets, a personal fitness program, multiple yoga-meditations, acupuncture sessions and more.. allowing you to relax, heal and let your mind find its way to being the new you, 

                   Tell us your special needs and we will try to accommodate.


A beautiful room

Outdoor gardens

Outdoor gazebo

Each guest is provided personalized coordination
of their unique and individualized program.


You will reside in one of our private residential Retreats and receive a comprehensive individualized program, a personal diet, yoga, fitness, acupuncture, body massage and other supportive treatments in a safe, comfortable residential setting.


world class accomidations

Massage therapy

Massage therapy

Lives restored

“The place is a beautiful paradise."    "I was able to see I had a future"    ” The evening Beach Walks are priceless!"

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Overlooking beautiful scenery

"It's been a life changing experience, I finally feel I am in a place
I feel safe, the doctors are all incredible and
I am getting my life back"

"People Get Well Here In Many Different Ways"

Private rooms

This Presidential Suite has it all. A huge California King bed, its own private fireplace, a huge 60" TV, a jetting private marble Jacuzzi, two walk-in closets and double French doors that open onto a private balcony overlooking the entire reserve and the
majestic mountains.

              We offer Presidential, Executive, Private and
                                    Semi-Private Suites.

At the Advanced Drug Rehab Center, through advanced testing, experience and extraordinarily accurate diagnosis by a team of doctors and specialists, you can achieve sustained recovery without multiple prescriptions, the risks of side effects and AA meetings for the rest of your life.

                                 Come and visit, you will see and feel the powerful healing environments that support our treatment and recovery.

                                                                           Call Now For A Free Private Consultation 1-858-775-9993
                                                                  Comfort, Safety, Treatment and Recovery, ...is just a phone call away.


Home | Facilities | Programs / Treatments | NSI, The Neuroscience Institute | Individualized Outpatient Programs | Contact Us / Details